Tenant Screening

Avoid financial losses and costly property damage by securely checking records and accurately verifying key information on prospective tenants. AVS Screening provides you with the valuable information you need before renting or leasing property. Insta Reports (virtually instant) and Traditional Reports (detailed traditional investigative techniques are used in conjunction with Insta reports) are available. Each report is customized to our clients’ needs. Pricing starts as low as $15.00 per report.

Background Screening Profiles Available:

Full Credit, Criminal, Civil, Eviction, Employment, Social Security, Identity, Personel References, DOJ, State, County, and Driver’s License – Searches and Verification
  • Nationwide - A search of multi-geographical, aggregate criminal databases.
  • Statewide - Search of the various criminal databases available in a particular State, such as Department of Corrections.
  • Countywide - A search for criminal convictions at the county court level. Results should reveal any felony convictions, including felony charges reduced to misdemeanor convictions.
  • Federal - A search for criminal convictions at the appropriate federal district court adjudicating United States laws.
  • Eviction - Provides a picture of a potential tenant's rental history; including frequency of eviction and any judgments issued. In many cases, a tenant's history of evictions can reveal a pattern of behavior. With legal fees for an eviction procedure costing upwards of $3000 making applicant screening very beneficial.
  • Global Security Watch List - A powerful, the multi-jurisdictional search of hundreds of millions state and county criminal records. This database is compiled from county courthouses, Department of Corrections (DOC), and Administration of the Court (AOC), and is bundled with our Global Security Watch List and Sex Offender Records database sources.
  • DOJ Sex Offender Registry Search - Cross-references applicant against the Department of Justice National database.
  • Full Credit Report - Provides a picture of a potential tenant's rental history and financial behavior. Reveals late payments, collection accounts, skips, bad checks, and propensity to pay bills on time.
  • Civil Records - Reveals items such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment or discrimination lawsuits filed by or against a particular person.
  • Bankruptcy - Search of the national database provides a record of any bankruptcies (Chapter 7, 11, and 13), tax liens or judgments filed on the individual or their business.
  • Employment - Verifies employment dates, position(s) held, performance, and eligibility for rehire.
  • I-9 Employment - Verifies potential employee's right to work status with Department of Homeland Security issued number, as well as confirms accurate SSN or Immigration Number.
  • Education/Personal - Verifies scholastic history by confirming degree earned. Also, verifies personal references.
  • Trade/Bank Reference (Up to 3) - Verifies the existence, opening dates of accounts held with a financial institution.
  • Professional License - Verifies current status of the license, any disciplinary action was taken, renewal date, date of issue and expiration date.
  • Landlord References - Verifies applicant's past rental behavior with previous landlords.
  • Driver License - Search of State's Department of Motor Vehicles for driver's information, violations, suspensions, and accidents.
  • Vehicle Identification Search - Information on a specific vehicle, including a listing of make, model, and year as well as the name of the legal owner.
  • Worker's Compensation - Search the State's worker's compensation records for current and past lost time, based on injury or medical claims.
  • Social Security Number Search - Authenticates individual's SSN with name, including prior addresses and other names.
  • Person Search - Cross Reference Verification of Previous and Current Verified Address with SS# or DL #
  • Report ScoreCard - This function gives an aggregate score based on preset criteria with simple quick easy to read Approval, Denied, or Pending results. These results are based on the preset criteria. We use our 60 years of experience to consult with each of our clients to find out what their risk threshold is to determine their ScoreCard criteria.

For additional information on AVS Screening, please give us a call at (850) 862-2135.

Employment Screening

Employment screening services are a set of tools and processes that employers use to evaluate the background and qualifications of job candidates. The goal of employment screening is to help employers make informed hiring decisions by providing them with accurate and comprehensive information about potential hires. This can help employers identify candidates who are most qualified for the job and also can help avoid hiring individuals who may pose a risk to the company or its employees.